Get to know us better


We are a grassroots company working hard to create things we are proud of.

We believe highly mobile professionals deserve to have an affordableportable and ergonomic workspace outside of the traditional office.



What we do

Simply put, we create products for you that are fun, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Products that enhance your work style.

We also make it our mission to deliver products to wherever you choose to park your global citizen derrière. 

”Look well to this day. Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this day.”
— Kālidāsa

STANDapart believes in giving back to the community. We fund charities and sponsor projects in Australia and Bali

Giving back

We're helping make the world in a better place by donating $0.50 from every purchase to The Smith Family Foundation, boosting in the futures of disadvantaged youth through the Learning for Life program.

We have previously been a sponsor for Hubud's first CoGiving Project, assisting a local Bali school to scale their impact.

To our supporters

Thank you to all our global customers and supporters. We exist because of awesome people like you.

We believe that with commitment you can create the life you want, while adding value to others.

You're helping this vision come true. 

Andrew Crichton started STANDapart to provide affordable and ultraportable laptop stands to travelling professionals, digital nomads and road warriors.


Origin story

Andrew created the first laptop stand prototype in a tiny rented apartment in Vietnam, using a cardboard box and a kitchen knife. He wasn't happy with the existing options, so he decided to tap his inner engineer to create his own. While the design has been refined and the manufacturing process made more sophisticated, this bootstrapping ethic is at the core of the brand.