The STANDapart laptop stand was born out of a need for a portable and affordable solution for productive working while travelling.

A portable workspace

Working on the road just over a year ago, I found myself in need of a workspace on the go. The problem was the available options were either expensive, heavy, or bogged down in Kickstarter purgatory. Sometimes all three. Over-priced, over-complicated and over-engineered solutions (from my humble viewpoint as an over-qualified engineer).

There was – and is – a definite need for a simple, stylish and robust solution for everyday use. Something that works for every travel style – in a backpack, in a laptop case slung over your shoulder, or just stuffed under the seat in your scooter. No extra cases or contraptions required.

Available around the globe

The ideal stand also needs to be available for purchase outside of the United States. No point in realising you need a laptop stand while abroad (like I did) and not being able to ship one to the country you’re living in!*

*A lot of products are limited to US shipping only, or charge hefty shipping charges. Those of you who have worked or live in Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Australia etc will know this only too well.

We wanted to turn that distribution model on its head, so our products are warehoused and shipped from Hong Kong, a globally centric, international shipping hub. Asia, Europe, Oceania and America are now all the same when it comes to shipping.

Early adopters were canvassed from cafes to co-working spaces, museums to mansions, poolside to stateside.

Trials and tribulations

The first prototypes were made from the cardboard of an Apple keyboard box. The design was tweaked and tested, trialled with multiple users, laptops and environments.

Second round prototypes were laser cut, tested, modified and redesigned. Various materials were assessed for strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to scratches, and functionality. Designs were tweaked for ideal height to tilt ratios.

Early adopters were canvassed from cafes to co-working spaces, museums to mansions, poolside to stateside. Stands made their way to an alphabet of locations - Africa, Australia, Bali, Croatia, England, France, Mexico, Thailand, United States ... you get the picture. 

And now it is here

Seven major prototypes, dozens of variations and a year later, we are proud to be offering the STANDapart laptop stand. Designed by travelling professionals, for travelling professionals.