Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a separate keyboard and mouse?

    Yes, a separate keyboard and mouse allows you to get the most advantage out of the setup. You can buy a keyboard and mouse at any number of places, or head over to Amazon and grab our favourite Mac keyboard, Windows keyboard and travel mouse (disclosure: we like Logitech gear).

  • But I don’t want to carry around extra stuff

    Fair enough. How much - and what - you carry depends on your priorities. Going on a two week jaunt around tropical islands? Then you probably want to pack bikini’s and boardshorts, and leave the laptop stand at home. In fact, leave the laptop at home.

    But if your goal is business or entrepreneurship, and you spend a lot of time on a laptop, then a laptop stand is a must. Improving your posture will boost your productivity, and leave you more refreshed at the end of the day so you can enjoy the night.

    If you are stuck for space, take out that last T-shirt and pack the laptop stand and keyboard instead. Your added productivity will let you buy more T-shirts where you are going!

  • Does the laptop stand work with a standing desk?

    Yes - provided you have a raised counter or worktop. The worktop should be at a height that allows you to stand and have your arms at approximately 90 degrees to your body. Using the laptop stand with a keyboard provides a natural angle for your arms and your head.

    If you don’t have suitably high desk for standing at, convert your existing ones with books or pizza boxes. Raise a surface high enough for you to type on, and use the laptop stand to lift the screen off that surface.

  • Does the laptop stand work with all laptops?

    This stand is designed for use with 11-inch to 13-inch laptops, including combo laptop/tablets.

    The stand also works well with modern 15-inch laptops - but older and heavier 15-inch laptops will not be as stable. And if you have a monster machine, then maybe it's time for an upgrade ;)

  • Does the laptop stand work with tablets?

    Yes - if you have an 10-inch tablet or larger and are using it in landscape orientation. iPad Air’s and iPad Pro’s will both fit in landscape orientation. iPad mini’s are a no-go.

  • Does the laptop stand work with phones?

    Nope, unless you use a large tablet as your phone.

  • How strong is it?

    The material is very light and very strong. Longitudinal ribs provide strength while reducing weight. It does need to be mostly flat though - keep it with your laptop and this won’t be a problem.

    If you stand on it with runners or bare feet, there probably won’t even be a dent. However, stiletto heels will leave an impression.

    You would have to seriously compress your bags before you squash this stand.

  • Is it waterproof?

    100%. The stand sheds water, coffee, coke and green juice easily. If it gets wet, either dry it off with a cloth or just shake the water off. If someone spills liquid on it (we know you wouldn’t do that) then simply rinse it with water and shake dry.

    If you get stuck on a desert island with nothing but laptop stands, you could make a raft out of them and sail your way to safety.

  • What is the laptop stand made of?

    Strong corrugated polypropylene (PP). A perfect mix of strong, light and durable.

  • Why isn’t it made of wood / cardboard / carbon fibre?

    Because polypropylene is lighter, stronger and cheaper. If you really like the bamboo look, then a premium bamboo stand is in the pipeline... watch this space.

  • Why can’t I just make it myself?

    You could make something with the essence of this stand yourself. But from our experience with early prototype stands, it will wobble, topple and give you grief. Your time is worth more than that. That's why we created this ultra-affordable find-tuned product.

  • Can I recycle the stand?

    Yes. Once you are finished with the stand, it is 100% recyclable!

    Note that some recycling agencies will only accept plastic with a recycling symbol stamped on it - unfortunately these agencies will not recycle this stand.

  • Can I use the laptop stand in bed or on a beanbag?

    Maybe, but the stand works better on firm surfaces.

  • Just how light is it?

    The stand itself weighs 100 grams.

    The folded dimensions are 23cm by 20cm by 1.5cm.

    When assembled the stand is 20cm high (at the highest point), 23cm deep and 23cm wide. The spacing between the supports is approximately 19cm.

  • Will it fit in my laptop sleeve?

    If you can comfortably slide your index finger in to your laptop sleeve with the laptop inside, then there is a good chance the laptop stand will fit as well.

  • Do you ship to my country?

    Yes. We use Amazon’s international shipping powerhouse to ship ship to over 100 countries worldwide.

    This includes where you live - unless you happen to live in a tiny dot (sorry, Ascension Island), certain closed dictatorships (that’s you North Korea), or an ice-bound Antarctic research station.

  • Will I have to pay import duties?

    Some countries will require import duties to be paid. Where you are having the product shipped to - and how the customs inspector feels on the day of arrival - are the biggest influences on if you are charged.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you how much these fees might be, but given the low cost of our stands, our experience is that they are marginal.

  • How much is shipping and how long before I receive my stand?

    Amazon will calculate shipping costs for you. The more stands you order, the cheaper per unit the shipping cost is. Ordering more is better, obviously.

    Standard shipping takes between one and two weeks to arrive, Express shipping less than a week. All delivery options are tracked and sent via air. (Note express couriers do not deliver to PO Boxes - if you need this please select the standard shipping option.)


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